thick [adj1] deep, bulky blubbery, broad, burly, chunky, compact, concrete, consolidated, fat, firm, hard, heavy, high, husky, massive, obese, pudgy, solid, squat, stocky, stubby, stumpy, substantial, thickset, wide; concepts 491,773 —Ant. attenuated, slight, thin thick [adj2] concentrated, dense caked, clabbered, close, clotted, coagulated, compact, compressed, concrete, condensed, congealed, consolidated, crowded, curdled, deep, firm, fixed, gelatinous, gloppy*, gooey, gummous, gummy, gunky*, heavy, impenetrable, impervious, jelled, jellied, opaque, ossified, ropy, set, sloppy, solid, solidified, stiff, syrupy, thickened, turbid, viscid, viscous, vitrified; concepts 483,606 —Ant. diluted, loose, thin, watery thick [adj3] crowded, packed abundant, brimming, bristling, bursting, chock-full*, close, compact, compressed, concentrated, condensed, considerable, covered, crammed, crawling with*, dense, frequent, full, great, heaped, impenetrable, impervious, inspissated, like sardines*, localized, multitudinous, numerous, populated, populous, profuse, rank, replete, several, solid, swarming, teeming, tight; concept 771 —Ant. thin, uncrowded thick [adj4] stupid blockheaded, boneheaded, brainless, dense, dim-witted, doltish, dopey*, dull, dumb, ignorant, insensitive, moronic, numbskulled, obtuse, slow, slow-witted, thickheaded; concept 402 —Ant. intelligent, smart thick [adj5] dense (referring to weather) cloudy, dull, foggy, heavy, impenetrable, indistinct, muddy, obscure, soupy*, turbid; concept 525 —Ant. clear thick [adj6] friendly chummy*, close, confidential, cordial, devoted, familiar, hand in glove*, inseparable, intimate, on good terms; concept 555 —Ant. unfriendly, unsociable thick [adj7] unreasonable excessive, flimsy*, implausible, improbable, inconceivable, incredible, thin*, too much*, unbelievable, unconvincing, unfair, unjust, unsubstantial; concepts 529,548 —Ant. reasonable, sensible, wise

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